Need Help Importing Drum Kits

Hi, I’m new to BB and I have been trying to import drum kits so I can use them for OPB songs. I have downloaded a couple drum kits (Brit_60s_Tele_&Sax.drm and STAX_4_octave_piano&_strings.drm) from the forum and followed the instructions in the BBM guide to import them into BBM, but when I click import and chose the .drm file, they don’t show up in the drum kits tab in BBM. I looked to see if this question has been answered already on the forum, but didn’t see anything on point. Can someone help me? Thanks in advance.

After you import the kit, using File>Import>Drumset, the drumkit should appear at the bottom of the list of drum kits in the drum sets tab in Beat Buddy Manager. To then get the kit onto your BB, you need to File>save project> to SD card. Make sure the box is checked in front of the drumset’s name in Beat Buddy Manager. If that does not work, please reply with your system details, I.e. PC or Mac, BB firmware version, and Beat Buddy Manager version.

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Thanks so much for your reply. Unfortunately, your instruction did not work for me. Specifically, I use File>Import>Drumset and the kit doesn’t appear in the drum kits tab in BBM. I have a Mac (Mojave OS), BB firmware 2.04, and BBM Thanks for any additional help you can provide.

Your system appears fine. It must be something else, unless there is some issue with Mojave and that I don’t know of. @persist?

Have you successfully downloaded and installed any kits from my Dropbox? I use the Brit Tele kit all the time, so I know that one’s good. I’ll try to delete and reinstall both kits tomorrow to see if I have any issues.

I am aware of one potential issue with any version of the Mac BBM and that’s when double-clicking the project name to either open or change a project. The BBM does not function properly when trying to manage drum sets. Quit and relaunch the BBM and use the. BBM File > Open Project and navigate to your bbworkspace folder to open your project. Try to import a drum set now.

I am not aware of any other BBM issues with Mojave. If you’re still having this problem, try deleting the BBM and the bbworkspace folder and its contents. Make sure there are no other instances of any workspace on your computer. Reinstall the BBM and use it to open the project on your SD card; save it to your bbworkspace folder. Quit the BBM and then relaunch. Use the BBM to import a new drum set. Look under the drum set tab to see if your kit appears and if it does, check the box. As Phil mentioned, you may have to scroll to the bottom of the tab to find the imported kit. If it does not appear, quit and relaunch the BBM; does it appear?

If this still doesn’t work, please contact me via private message on the forum.

I can confirm that the two kits mentioned do, in fact, download and install properly, so there must be some other glitch. I suggest you take Persist up on his offer to handle this with you via Private Message.

Thank you both so much for helping me out. I had to do the full reinstall, but eventually I got there and have both drumsets imported into BBM. My best guess for other users with this problem is that I did not do the initial installation of the BBworkspace to the “documents” folder correctly (required for Mac users).

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Glad it’s working out for you and thanks for letting us know the possible cause.


I have been dealing with the same thing the past two days. I managed to get the song folders added, but I had to follow the recommended steps above to get the drumkits loaded into BBM.

Took some doing, but I was able to get everything on the SD card.