Need help MIDI and looper sync with Pigtronix Infinity and BB

Hi all,

Got my new Pigtronix Infinity looper today to use with my BB. I have a MIDI cable but having trouble integrating the looper with the BB to sync correctly. How would I do this?

Here is my setup

According to the Peavey 6505 amp guide it says to use the effects send/return outlets for non-gain effects pedals. I am trying to integrate my Cry Baby Wah, EHX Canyon Delay pedals with the Pigtronix Infinity Looper and BB. But limited success.

You need our MIDI breakout cable and a regular midi cable (male-to-male) to connect BB MIDI OUT to Infinity MIDI IN. ideal situation would be if you plugged the BB into a PA or a home stereo instead of the guitar amp. If that is not an option, the second best would be if your amp has a aux in port, which you can connect the BB headphones out port to.

Here is our breakout cable:

Cool I tested a new setup with the following chain on my pedal board:

Guitar->Wah->Pigtronix Infinity Looper->BB->front amp
Canyon Delay->SEND/RETURN FX back of amp

This works great EXCEPT for one thing:

When I use reverb/delays on the EHX Canyon, the BB goes crazy and delays/reverb the drum kits! It was weird too when I put the reverse delay effect on the EHX Canyon to hear reverse BB drums! Now I can disable this by not using the delay but it would be nice to still be able to use the reverb/delay on the Canyon and still get a normal BB drum sound! How would I fix this issue? I will also ask support.

Pigtronix support recommended having the BB in the last chain after the looper and this also is indicated by the BB manual as well.

I guess what I could do as a work around is to route the BB to my portable Vox amp as a dummy PA system until I can figure this one out.

Until you get a dedicated PA type amp or an acoustic amp, or even some bass amps, yes, your best bet is going to be running the BB into the Vox by itself. You could put the delay on the input side of your chain, probably after the looper and then run the BB by itself into the rear effects return. That will work, also.