Need Help Synchronizing Project

I’m having an issue synchronizing my project, but only after I’ve logged out of the BB Manager (I think, maybe it’s when I log off my computer). When I select Synchronize Project, I’m prompted to "browse for the pedal SD location. To the best of my limited tech knowledge, I highlight the drive with my SD card (or BB connected via USB) and Select File. It is at this point when I receive a dreaded Destination Project At FILE Is Not Linked message and it suggests Use File> Export> Project to SD Card Instead. I’ve clicked Okay at this point numerous times, but there have also been times where I’ve lost everything on my card and would like to resolve this issue because it has three times been a horrible experience figuring out where my work ended up.

If I don’t File>Quit I can insert my SD card and synchronize my project. The app then asks if I want to “synchronize project for…” and I always select Yes.

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If you are on the Mac this is a know issue that’s been around for a few years. Supposedly a new version of the BB Editor is almost ready to ship and fixes this.

There are two workarounds:

  • Never close the BBManager. Then sync works.
  • Use Export instead of sync. If you’ve made any setting change, you need to save and restore a copy of the PARAMS folder.

Search this forum. There are many posts on this subject.

Not a Mac, but I will search the forum again


It sounds like you may not be creating a project correctly on your BBManager. I will provide instructions on setting it up correctly at the bottom, but first let’s restore your SD card to its default state (with all the default content on it).

Instructions on getting your SD card to its default state:

  1. Wipe the SD card clean of all its contents, or alternatively obtain a NEW and unused SD card, 4-32 GB in size.

  2. Download the ‘SD Card Backup’ file:

  3. Unzip all the content, and put the extracted files onto the clean SD card. In the SD card you should now see 4 folders and 1 file - DRUMSETS, EFFECTS, PARAMS, SONGS and the file named HASH.BCF (If you do not have an unzipping program, you may download a free one here:

  4. Your SD card is ready for use!

Now, let’s create a project based off of that SD card:

When creating a project for the first time, follow the steps in this video tutorial:

After you create the project, you need to save a copy to your computer (0:35 in the video) and then link it for future synchronization (1:05 in the video) at the end of the process.

After you set up the project, you can make changes and modifications.

NOTE: Make sure you do not touch the top four menu options after you created a project:

As those options will needlessly create new projects, and you just need to work with one.

Also, please check out the full manual for the BBManager software:

Thank you for your response. I do, however, have a concern. If I do this, what’s going to happen to the 40+ songs in my setlists? Shouldn’t I be saving those somewhere?

I’ll jump in here with a quick reply. If you are using the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) and you have the setlist saved as part of your current project in the BBM, and that project is saved on your computer in the bbworkspace, you need not have any worries.

However, to dovetail with the method Support has suggested and before you start, you should use the BBM File > Export Folder(s) with your setlist(s) to an easy-to-find place on your computer (like maybe the desktop). If you have user-created kits, then you should make sure you have backup copies of those kits. Then carry out Support’s method. Once you have completed his steps, you use the BBM File > Import Folder(s) (as well as the custom kits) to your project.

Thanks for the suggestions. I think my issue is resolved.

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