NEED HELP w/My Beat Buddy and the Boss RC 30 looper

Can anyone give a hand on how to sync the two?
One of main reasons I bought the pedals was to be able to be my own band, as a solo/duo artist.
ANY suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Can anyone help me in trying to figure out how to sync the two?
I bought both to help in the solo/duo project.
ANY help in greatly appreciated!!!

Can the Boss RC-30 be connected to an external MIDI device?

  • No, the RC-30 doesn’t have MIDI ports.


You are out of luck. Unfortunately, you wasted your money on that looper. There is no way you can get assisted by MIDI sync’ing using that device. You can work on your timing though.

I’d recommend returning that piece of crap (if this is still possible), and advise you to stay away from Boss loopers. Even a much more expensive model Boss RC-300 (that has MIDI port and can be sync’ed to BeatBuddy) still has issues in that the recorded loop starts “floating” after several cycles.

I personally use Boomerang III. It is an awesome looper, it sync’s perfectly, you can record up to 4 tracks and play on top of them all (like 5 simultaneous tracks!), it doesn’t spoil or “suck” your sound even at extreme hot signals. Yet it doesn’t store your loops.
The looper that is good to go is Infinity Pigtronix. It can store your loops, but I’ve seen some users were having issues with it as well. So pick at your own risk :slight_smile: At least it is way way better than all the Boss loopers altogether.

I got a Pigtronix Infinity Looper and no problems at all with midi sync. But I must say that’s a bit tricky to set up if you use signatures different from 4/4 and need long durations for your loop (the manual doesn’t help a lot, and the tech assistance copypastes what’s written in the manual, IF they answer…).
Btw it’s a great looper and works fine with BB.

Thanks for the info!

Just tried this with my RC50 & it works a treat both as master & slave.

It seems to sync better with the RC50 as the master especially using the tap tempo of the RC50.
When the BB is the master, it stays in sync but it’s slightly in front of the RC50… (& I’m not overly liking the BB buttons to use as a tempo tap device) sorry BB guys. Really hard to be consistant with tempo because of the clicks I think.

This was only a quick test… I will investigate further as I want to use the BB when I can’t get my drummer for gigs.

I have a day next week with him & a Roland electronic kit which I plan to record both the Midi & the sounds out of it as a guide. Then I plan to put the midi notes into my iPad & cuse Cubasis to edit down to 4 bar loops with fills etc through the BB manager software.

So far, it’s all looking REALLY GOOD !!!

Boss RC-300.

“I’d recommend returning that piece of crap” I FIND YOUR TONE VERY DISTURBING.

See “BeatBuddy-Manual-9-21-14.PDF” page 21, Paragraph 2.

This is why I bought a Beatbuddy!

If I can help in the bug fix program I would like to volunteer as a beta tester for the next firmware update that may fix issues with the RC-300 and the Beatbuddy syncing.

If it is the RC-300 that has an odd implementation of Midi, it could be catered for in an option on the Beatbuddy Config section.

To just keep suggesting kit change to accommodate the beatbuddy is not the way forward :0\


Boss RC-300? I am sorry, but I find your piece of… hm, ok… “looper”… very disturbing.

What you request is that BeatBuddy should have a special implementation specifically targeted at supporting Boss RC-300. In the meantime, this special support isn’t done by just about any other MIDI-enabled device out there. This device simply doesn’t work as intended, and there is no way in hell to “support” it. The manual for that Boss RC-300 pooper says it should be able to be used as a MIDI slave, while in fact it doesn’t! How can you imagine a fix for that?

Like you tell it “Hey, a new quarter note just arrived!”, it accepts it, and… doesn’t give a shit about it.

Thanks for the response.

I’m sure I’ll manage / find a way to use the unit.

Ill look at the RC-300 and see if there is an update to the firmware out there, you never know :0)


Hey Guys…
I ended up returning the rc30, and ordered the pigtronix. waiting on delivery now.
It is midi, does a decent job syncing, and after watching everything on youtube, it seems to be the best bet.
yes its going to be a big pain to learn a different set up, but hopefully everything will work out :slight_smile: