Need help with Band in a Box

every time i try to edit a music file on another dawn, i get a message that there are only notes on channel 10, and i can never hear the bass on these dawns, just drums. what should I do? , I’ve been using the band in a box to edit

Thats logical because drums are on channel 10 in general midi. You don’t hear bass because they are on the same channel as the drums. you will have to move the bass notes to a different channel in the DAW to be able to hear them. Otherwhise they will be played as a part of the drums. BIAB is not a suitable DAW for these kind of things in my opinion. It’s great and easy for generating song from chords but not for buiding midi drum parts

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I do need to add that with the right drumkit (drums with bass) in the BB you can hear the bass, and the bass notes should be on the same channel. But they should be on the right midi notes as they are layed out in the drumkit. Hope this makes sence.

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what is a free and good dawn ro add some cymbals or others instruments?

Cakewalk Sonar is free and is a good DAW, but I think there are more. Do a search for beatbuilder here in the forum. Maybe that’s usable for you. I Don’t about the learning curve