Need help with uploading drum kit

Hello Fellow Beat Buddies,

I am trying to upload the Standard Pro drum kit from the Premium Library to BBManager. When I click “Import,” nothing happens.

I watched Goran Rista’s video and followed all instructions very carefully and have been able to upload two song packages previously.

The pedal icon on my desktop for the extracted Standard Pro drum kit show 99 mb so I believe I have successfully downloaded the set.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Kyle Elsbernd Wisconsin USA

I just tried to upload another kit from this forum, the Boss DR110, and am still having the same problem.

Usually the pdf has instructions for installing and activating a kit or beat you’ve purchased.

From the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM): File > Import > Drumset

In the Project Explorer (left pane): select Drum Sets tab; click the check box for the kit you want to make available (Standard Pro); Save Project. Note, if your kit isn’t displayed in the tab, try downloading and importing it again.


From the Default Drum Set: drop down menu, select the drum kit


Thanks so much Persist! I’ll give it a try.

Thanks Persist, I’m getting closer. The download is stuck at 98%. It worked better when I opened a new project. Any advice on how to get past 98% (screen capture below).

The pedal (and software) memory for drum kits is limited to 100Mb. That 98% just means that the kit takes up 98% of that 100Mb—or 98Mb.

Okay, good. Now it won’t let me synchronize. Any advice?

Got it! Never mind Persist. I really appreciate your help.

Glad you sorted it out!