Need ideas on starting audio (like backing track) in a song

OK not Beat Buddy but…I wanted to see if anyone had ideas. Rather than pay $150 for a looper that will play my 15 seconds of sampled audio I wanted to use the stereo outs of my iPhone (?) into the mixer. Clearly hitting a tiny button clean during a song is not practical.

Somehow posting seems to jog thinking… We have used Aron Nelson’s unrealBook on our iPads for a few years now gigging once a week or so. The ability to rehearse and redraft songs, build set lists, etc is indispensable. There is a tremendous amount of stuff buried in there for your iTunes app costs of $5.99

Now I’ve just learned what ‘transmogrify’ does. I wanted to play about 15 secs of sampled audio between Pink Floyd’s Breathe and Time as a transition and was looking at loopers (costly but effective as a foot switchable tool) and various ways to employ an iPhone. I somehow resurfaced his built in idea, read the manual and in a few seconds imported a file via DropBox to be triggered by the play button. I’ll run a stereo feed into the mixer and we are done.