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Hello everybody,

As a beginner, I need some help with editing Midi files. I have finally received a Steinberg Cubase Artist license (summer sale) and would like to create DrumBeats for the BeatBuddy.

On my first try, I exported an existing DrumBeat (from the forum) out of the BeatBuddy Manager as a Midi file and imported it into Cubase. When I played the beat in Cubase, it sounds a lot different than in BeatBuddy Manager. The used Drumkit obviously does not match with the BeatBuddy.

Could you please show the way to a bloody beginner? I would very much like to work with a standard drum kit and also use a bass track.

Maybe someone can provide me with a Cubase file containing a standard drum kit and a bass track?
My current setup: Lenovo ThinkPad, Windows 10, Cubase Artist 9,5

Many Thanks

This thread might be able to help

Hi Stu,
well, yes I saw this article, but for me (as a cubase beginner) it is very hard to “convert” this instructions for use in cubase. My Idea was - maybee someone ist still using cubase and can give me a hint how to get the “standard drum” in cubase so that I can edit it in the cubase-midi-editor an than export it for use in BeatBuddy-Manager and than in my BeatBuddy.


There is no easy Explanation of doing such a thing. Im using a very old free version of cubase and what I did was buy the Steinberg groove agent that plugs into it and went through all the drum kits to find what fits best with the MIDI coming from BB. the bottom line is that you will have to make your own kit with in BB to match up with the instruments drum sounds in cubase. some of the user made kits that come pretty close. I know Phil’s kits match up with my groove agent kits nicely. and keep in mind the drum sound in cubase really dont have to match up perfectly because all your using cubase for is to edit the MIDI notes. after that the MIDI get imported back to BB for performance.

Here is my BB-map. I use Cubase Pro and UR22 direct to BB MIDI-in. Works like a charm. Please don’t ask me about Cubase Artist - support… :slight_smile:

Thanks for your fast response jsstrauss and AxelSchweiss (Danke Dir) - your drum pattern file reconfigured my web search.
I found an interessting article series in wich I will study first before I (possibly) return with new questions :slight_smile:

But let me please ask this one question:
I inspected the “Drum Sets” in the BB-Manager and I saw, that the used “Drum Parts” Snare/HiHat/Cross-Stick are all dedicated to a different Midi-Channel. That seems to be important for the BeadBuddy-Pedal.
Here is the Question: Do I have to assing every Midi-Instrument (Drum-Part) to an Cubase-Midi-Channel so that it matches to the BeatBuddy Drum-Map?

The Standard Drum Kit uses the following:
BB Midi ID
Metronome 33
Kick-Drum 36
Cross-Stick 37
Snare 38
Hands Claps 39
HiHat-Closed 42
Tom 4 43
Foot-HiHat 44
Tom 3 45
HiHat-Open 46
Tom 2 48
Crash Cymbal 49
Tom 1 50
Ride Cymbal 51
Ride C. Bell 53
Splash 1 55
Crash Cymbal 2 57
Splash 2 59

Greetings from Germany

Yes and unfortunately the default kits do not. Phil’s kits, I believe, match up in that respect

My idea was to create a Cubase document (.cpr) that contains the needed Midi / Instrument track that is mapped to a really cool drum set that will then be made available to all forum users. Ideally, with a tutorial taht descirbes how to create DrumBeats in Cubase and the BeatBuddy manager.

Would you then suggest not to use the standard drum set but a Phil’s kit? Wich one?

I would suggest trying all sorts of different kits. I know that is a very generalized answer and not very specific but I’m not using the same version of cubase as you are and what is working for me may not work for your version of cubase. And by using all sort of different drum kit mappings you will get a better idea of what is going on. why one works and others dont.

There are two users with Phil in their names. Phil Flood and Phil. I agree with jstrausss’ suggestion. Most of their kits include bass and other instruments and in order to make room for the notes for the other instruments, they had to remove redundant drum instrumentation such as toms and cymbals.

You may have another choice in terms of kits that try to stick close to the MIDI mapping for drums and those are GarryA’s kits.

You can search the forum Resources/Dum kits by member name and “choose your poison” :smiley:

Phil Flood was in the habit of including the MIDI mapping for his kits which is helpful.

There are also MIDI mapping aids available on the forum: and I think Marcello just posted one recently:

Sorry for my late reply. I will invest more time in “Cubase Drum Maps” and will than return when I could make some success with my first DrumBeat. Thanks for all the support.

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