Need more 60's-style beats

Hi, all! Just got my BeatBuddy and didn’t see many selections in the “Oldies” section. Would love to see more surf, pop, and groovy beats from that era. Think “Walk Don’t Run” surf beats, “Taxman” for a more groovy kinda thing, etc. Lots more styles to cover than the paltry selection so far. Of course, any suggestions as to existing yet well-hidden beats is greatly appreciated!

Hey there,

Feel free to make a request here, otherwise check out the forum for user-generated BeatBuddy songs, there are a lot!

Have you checked out our website for the BeatBuddy library?

I moved the post so that it’s in a more visible place for like-minded forum users :slight_smile:

I purchased the entire 2020 collection. The number of beats in the “oldies” section? Six. The first three sound almost exactly alike, and the other three sound almost exactly like each other as well. Pretty sad.

Hi there, is it worth the 200$?

It is because there are so many other useful beats, and because I can set up a bank of beats to progress thru easily as I move from song to song during performance (I use it for solo livestreaming and street performance). I’ve already made back the investment. Very worthwhile, but having an easier beat creation functionality would be the best.

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