Need some guidance

i’ve been “out of the loop” regarding the beatbuddy, for a few years now, but i’m currently thinking about how to use it more, for my solo gigs…
was always waiting for the “autopilot” feature that never seems to come…
or maybe it finally has?
i haven’t updated the beatbuddy for a couple of years and i don’t know what the updates during that time has improved and added.
so has anything significant happened to the beatbuddy the last few years?

what i wanna do now, is to find a great way to use it for solo gigs:

1 - i’d like to make drum tracks in ezdrummer 3 and then import them to the beatbuddy.
i know there will be a midi mismatch, so what’s the best way nowadays to solve that problem?
i’ve seen a site called midi remap, which seems to be pretty much what i’m looking for.
they also have a plugin to use in your daw, which seems quite amazing.
anyone here try that program/ plugin and have some more info about how it works and so on?
could you do this with full songs?

2 - my feet are too busy to control yet another unit, during songs, so i wanna make all drum tracks “one press” and they run through the whole songs without interference, all the way to the ending fill.
anything to consider doing this?
would this be even possible?

3 - what about adding bass lines?
would that be complicated?
same problem with midi mismatches (i’m working in cubase)?
could you use ezbass to add basslines to a drumtrack (created in ezdrummer 3) and import to the beatbuddy?

4 - i’m using onsong for lyrics and chords.
how would you make onsong and the beatbuddy sync, so when you select a song in onsong, it also changes in the beatbuddy?

There has been fairly regular progress in updating the BeatBuddy (BB) firmware however, no progress in updates for the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM). If you’re looking for an easier method of synchronizing your project to your SD card, you can try the BBLoader which is available.

Most of the answers to your questions have been provided on this forum and you can find them using the forum search function.

If after searching the forum you don’t come up with the answers you’re looking for, circle back and re-post your questions.

A search tip, use of a single word may result in better search results e.g., “autopilot” and “EazyDrummer”. There’s a good EZD- and EZB-created drum set with bass “warmfinger”.