Need some help with these tunes

Just got a BB and I am going down the rabbit hole!

Any chance anyone has any suggestions on how to find beats for

*“ants Marching”-Dave Matthews
*“Push” Matchbox 20
“Disease”- MB20
Any non “3am” MB20.

I am an acoustic solo artist who got this as a gift and now i think i am in Love!

Thanks so much in advance for any help or suggestions

Hi and welcome. Usually you can find user-generated content by using the forum Search function. At least one of your requests is available as a one- press format.

You can also try the Song Matching tool.

The other option is to check out the premium content and if available, buy the song as either a single or part of a pack of songs.

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Here are some suggestions, these are all standard content of the BB

*“ants Marching”-Dave Matthews, Pop 6 113 bpm
*“Push” Matchbox 20, Pop 8 about 82 to 83 bpm
“Disease”- MB20, Rock 3 115 bpm
“3am” MB20, Rock 8 108 bpm

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Here’s a resource.
Song Matching Tool by Singular Sound