Need some info please

Hi Guys need some info please

I’m trying to play some country songs with my Beat Buddy and I notice on the BEATBUDDY that the Time Signatures for COUNTRY is all the same 4/4Time Signature , My question is can you change Time signatures ,say to a Waltz Type or 3/4 0r something that would work for slow country songs or ballads some songs just don’t sound right with the 4/4 Time signature
Any info would be great that you have to share
Thanks Again

The 4/4 country beats will NOT become 3/4 just with the push of a button. But, there are plenty of resources available. Sound folks, if I recall correctly. Indicated there is a 3/4 World beat that I is real useful. But, why not just seach the forum? We have an awful lot of user created content in the Resources section, and quite a few songs in the Beats > Country folder. Enjoy your search, and welcome to the Forum! Also, for specific songs, just posting a request often works wonders.

Thanks Phil
I appreciate the info