Need to compare display size BB and BB Mini

Anybody able to post a photo of a BB and a BB mini side by side so I can compare the size of the letters on the display? My eyesight is so bad, even with glasses, that display size becomes a factor. I will be using it live, so even though I want a standard Beatbuddy, if the display on the Mini is easier to read that’s what I’ll get and forego all the extra features. Probably sounds stupid to some, but those with failing eyesight will know what I mean.

I know you’re looking for an actual photo to compare the devices side-by-side and that you might have already taken a look at this but here’s a link to the boxes:

I own the BeatBuddy but not the Mini. I don’t have any problems with the display and Singular Sound firmware allows you to increase the size of the font displayed on the BeatBuddy. I don’t know if that feature is available for the Mini.