Neo Soul kits or Beats?


Looking for some Neo-soul kits and/or beats. @Phil_Flood mentioned a process in this thread which is a little beyond my skills/time availability at the moment:

Does anyone have anything good to go?


If you don’t have the time to spare, which I completely understand, then the best thing is to make a request for individual songs. There are a couple users who like to make songs , but getting a full set list as a request is not something that will generally be filled. Much will be dependent upon the availability of midi source material, although that universe has expanded greatly.

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Thanks for the response Phil.

I am really looking for some general purpose beats and a kit. I don’t use the OP formatted stuff which much of the new song material seems to be. I will see if I can find something and make a request though. Thanks!

For general purpose beats, there are literally hundreds of suppliers of commercial midi beat packages. These folks usually make sample packages, too, for use in things like the Native Instruments Maschine, or other other AKAI/Roland derivative gear. Often, the midi beat packages are quite reasonable with numerous things being bundled together for $20 to $50. Black Friday is a good time to look for deals. A couple of my favorite providers are Black Octopus and ADSR.

The Sample packs are often grouped as “kits.” These are sets of 16 sounds designed for use on the 16 pads of the Maschine. However, there is nothing that would prevent one from loading those samples into a BB drum kit. (they might have to be converted to 16 bit, 44.khz Wav format first, but there are many tools available for doing this.)

Anyhow, in term of getting something for general use that is not an OPB, that might be a path for you to consider. Good luck!

An example:


Thanks! I really appreciate it.