Nested folders to help organize songs and setlist?

It would be really helpful to be able to nest folders of songs and sets. As in:

My sets/

  • Friday night/
  1. song one
  2. song two, etc
  • Bar gig/
  1. song one
  2. song two, etc

Looks like you also want one song to be in more than one folder.

That would be nice, but suspect it’s a fair amount of work beyond extra folders.

Well, aliases could be used rather than multiples of the same file. I realize this system utilizes the MSB & LSB tfor the file structure to work via MIDI, so I understand why what I am suggesting is problematic. I will probably just end up creating several projects to limit what I actually have to scroll through at a gig.

A “duplicate song” feature in BB Manager would also be nice, too. But exporting and importing a copy works just as well.

For the record, your products are genius. I love what the Beat Buddy and the Aeros have made possible for me, and I’m sure it won’t be long before I have to have a Maestro as well.

Thanks for such truly inspired gear!

PS: I ask about this feature primarily because my my repertoire is well over 500 songs… that really demands more organizational capability on a nightly basis.

To my knowledge that what you want is already possible. It’s the same as the song folders in the beatbuddy like it is now. Every style is in a set, like ballad, jazz, country …, and every set contains the songs. You would have to make your folders like you discribed, Friday night, you copy in your songs and make a new forder and copy in the next songs. They then can be addressed by midi if you want. Or do I miss understand your request?

It would just be nice, for purposes of organization to be able to add folders inside other folders… Beat Buddy Default songs, Solo Sets, Band sets, etc… inside those folders/directories you could have multiple other folders of songs/sets. This would be a great feature on the Aeros, as well.

But, I get it, that would make MIDI accessibility much more difficult.

There are bluetooth programs using midi that does this. I use “OnSong” so when I select a song on my iPad, it brings up the right song on the BB. There are other programs that do that as well.

Did not know about that! I’ll look into it.