New BB user here - question about optional drum intro

Hi friends

Since the drum intro is advertised as optional, how do I remove the drum intro? I am assuming I need to use the software? Is there a way to remove an intro just using the pedal? Thank you in advance


Intro Off is a pedal setting. If you push both knobs on the pedal in, you can explore the settings and find it. Or, you can look at the manual for the location of the intro off setting. Enjoy.

thank you. Is this with the footswitch (the 2 knobs)?

The pedal. The two selector knobs on the pedal. You can push them slightly in at the same time to bring up the menus.

the drum set and tempo knobs?

going through the manual but so far I am missing it except for the footswitch

Yes. The drumset and tempo knobs. Push them in at the same time.