new Beat Buddy foot pedal right switch not working!

I just purchased a BB mini and the foot switch. The right button/switch does nothing. I thought it was supposed to scroll the genres, songs and tempo. Is there a special connection cord to use with this or something? I am connecting the pedal to the BBmini with a regular short double 90 deg cord. What gives?

Not sure what you mean by a ‘double’ cord. Footswitch requires a TRS cable and jacks.

Thanks. i did not pick up on the fact that the cable that came with it was a TRS. It works now.

I’m glad this forum is around. I had the same question. Here is an article that I found to research it:

Does anyone have any recommendations on a good place to buy a TRS cable and jacks? I want to put the beat buddy on my music stand and use the foot pedal.


Monoprice or search on Amazon