New Beat Buddy+Switch First Impressions

Hey everybody,

I’m really, really loving it! Super easy to figure out and it sounds great! I’ve mostly listened to the standard set, which is fantastic. Totally digging the start/stop button and accents, and I can see it on the floor while I’m standing. The setup menu is really easy and the tap tempo is great. I guess the next thing is to connect the BB Manager and play with that. Totally on the fly performance with very little setup and no computer. That’s awesome. I’ll get to play with it at home tonight on bass/keys.

I’m really looking forward to bringing in my own patterns from EZ Drummer and Studio One, but I’m finding the included rhythms very useful.


Personally, I’m very disappointed in the new footswitch+ . At the least, Singular could have used silent switches. The clicker clack is very annoying.

I switched to using a Boss FS-5U for that very reason…When you’re playing a ballad during a wedding ceremony it makes no sense to hear “clicker clack”…sigh. Even in the restaurant scene it makes no sense…not when there are several switch component providers that have solved this problem.

I’m thinking of doing the same. Incredibly annoying.

The FS-5U has only 1 switch, correct? the BB Footswitch+ has 2 switches. What do you guys do, get 2 FS-5U’s or just manage with 1 or… ?

As I look more closely at the BOSS FS-5U, I see how they can be connected together by the interlocking railing system located on the sides of the units. Two of them connected together would take up almost 8 inches of width. That’s 3 inches wider than the BB Footswitch+. 2 of the FS-5U’s are also approximately $10.00 US more than a BB Footswitch+. Wondering of they’re worth it… ?

The FS-5U’s are worth it (at least to me). I have two interlocked together and the distance between the actual switches lessens the chance of hitting the wrong switch or both together than if the switches were closer together.
If you are capable of DIY it wouldn’t be difficult to build your own footswitch. I did a footswitch build for the Digitech 3 switch footswitch to use with my TCH Voicelive Play. A two switch box would be a piece of cake.

How are the BOSS FS-5U’s connected to the BeatBuddy? Are you using a dual 1/4 inch TS to single 1/4 inch TRS cable?

Yes. Using a cable I modded a bit. Changed the standard TRS plug to a ‘pancake’ TRS. The other end has normal straight 1/4" TS jacks. The audio out also has a pancake type plug. Cleaner this way having the cables directed towards the rear.