New beat buddy user who plays bass.

Hi Folks,
I am new to beatbuddy and notice that a lot of the user created songs have a “w/bass” tag.
I am a bass player so my question is can the bass be removed from these song files?
Cheers, Jamesy

Welcome, Jamesy. There is no way to easily remove the bass track from an sng file. It could probably be done by exporting the midi from the BeatBuddy Manager and then trying to remove the bass notes but that could be labor intensive. Might be easier if users that post their content were to include the midi files with both the bass and drums tracks still separated (in other words before they joined the two tracks into a single track for the BeatBuddy Manager). Don’t know if this makes sense to you yet but your request is certainly a good one.

If the developers are able to figure out how to separate the bass and drums tracks for import to the BB system and were to include a filter or checkbox to allow users to include or omit the bass track, that might be the best of both worlds.

If I dont want the Bass I just change the drum set to a kit that has no bass

Thanks for the reply. I understand that the majority of beatbuddy users are most probably guitar players who want the basslines included.
I also play drums, but that would leave the band short of a bass player ( but not if beatbuddy takes care of it ) and we already have 3…yup 3, guitar players. Looks like a I might be out of a job!!!

As I understand it, what you suggest is that there is a .mid file contained in the .sng file. The .mid part can be extracted and loaded into a midi editor programme and the bass part removed.

Another user has posted a description of how to include bass parts, so I reckon a bit of reversal of that process might work in removing the bass part.
It’s worth a shot at least.

Do you mean a kit with no bass/kick drum?

If your looking for more beats to play along with; check out Groove Monkee they offer a bunch of packs in all different styles of music.

I think jstrauss had the best suggestion which is to just switch to another drum set. Instead of using the Rock with Bass, try it with the BeatBuddy Rock or Standard drum set.

No - The Drum kits with no bass notes added into the kit by the Beat buddy people. Try the standard kit or Rock. Those do not have Bass notes added to the kits layout.

Bass meaning Bass notes. Not referring to Bass drum / Kick. Try what persist had suggested.