New beatbuddy design

Why you dont design a beatbuddy pedal with a main stomp pedal on the floor and a separate display with the control knobs, to hang up to the microphone stand. It will be easily to control when playing and singing on the stage; you dont need to go down to your knees to change between the different gig folders on the beatbuddy ??
Do you understand what i mean ??

Another alternative would be to allow us to program one of the outboard pedal buttons to change folders.

just brainstorming, but since all the buttons and knobs are already on the unit, a remote jack for the main pedal might also be an option so you could put the BB on a stand within reach, but relocate the main pedal to the floor.

EDIT: for some reason I think a user on this board modified their BB to do exactly that.

I would also welcome Midi control… and ability to assign songs to PC message.

full midi control would also be an option, with an iPad app so we can choose songs ETC. right from the app. The BB is a fun tool, and I really enjoy getting in to a groove with it, but it has some growing to do. :slight_smile:

Beat Buddy bluetooth edition?