New Beatbuddy/ Midi problem

Brand new user. Bought the Beatbuddy cable and a Yamaha MD midi. But getting no power to the Yamaha. Have latest hardware update from Beatbuddy and tried the Yamaha on keyboard, which works fine. What am I doing wrong?

BeatBuddy Breakout MIDI cable adapter (when connected to BeatBuddy Pedal) should power the Yamaha MD BT01 Bluetooth adapter. You’ve probably done this, but make sure that the BB MIDI Out cable is connected to Yamaha MD plug that has the "arrow sign (–>) pointing outwards (away from the BB MIDI cable adapter). The Yamaha MD is powered by the BB MIDI out plug.

Thanks for the reply. Have checked and rechecked this also…it is set up correctly.

I don’t believe the BB has power on its MIDI. Could be wrong, and stand to be corrected, but power over MIDI is an optional part of the standard, and I don’t think BB does it. Perhaps @BeatBuddy_Support will weigh in…?

This might help to explain: Midi Tempo and midi power from BB?

Not sure what your problem is, but I can verify what fled said earlier in this thread. BB absolutely does power the Yamaha Bluetooth adapter when used with a breakout cable. If your Bluetooth adapter indeed works with a keyboard as you said, you may have a bad Midi breakout cable.

Unfortunately I can’t really help with your lack of power but I can also confirm that this works.

I have literally taken delivery today of my BB, midi breakout cable and Yamaha MD BT01. Took me an hour to hook it up to voicelive 3. Days e also purchased OnSong to control it all.

I can only echo others in making sure it’s wired correctly. Only the midi out of the Yamaha has an led to confirm power/data

Pretty sure BB doesn’t have power through midi

I can confirm that BB can provide power to Yamaha MD adapter since I have been using this set up for quite some time now.

@wa8ars, you may have a defective BB MIDI cable, I think you just bought it brand new so you maybe able to return/swap it with another one.

Thanks all, I will contact BB and ask about swapping cables. I also use OnSong so looking forward to use the BB with it as well.
Thanks again for your time and answers.

Are your BB Midi settings set for midi out? Can you connect your BB to your keyboard and the keyboard receive midi, and then vice versa, can your keyboard trigger midi in the BB?

@wa8ars I responded to your email.

I also confirm that yamaha can be powered by beatbuddy. I remember that I checked the voltage 2 years ago, but I cannot recall if it outputs 5v or 3.3v; either way, it powers the yamaha bluetooth adapter.

Thanks, found your email and replied. Appreciate it!

I stand corrected! :slight_smile: