New BeatBuddy owner and I have a question.

Hey guys I just purchased a BB for worship at our church and I am having an issue. I have put 5 songs in a set list and adjusted them accordingly. They work perfectly on BB Manager but when I put my SD card in the BB only the first 4 songs work. The 5th will not play and instead of the song name has a bunch of letters and numbers followed by a .BBS. Also the 4th song has part of the song name but it at least works. Any ideas why I can’t get that fifth song?

Also, I got an error about missing a hash file or something like that. Could that be the problem?

Use only letters and numbers when naming songs. Any other characters mess up the BB file system.

That seemed to work. I had a comma in 10,000 Reasons. Once I took that out my song that came after it was there. Thank you sir. I should have checked here instead of wasting the last 3 hours reinstalling everything. haha

I do still get the errors about a missing hash when trying to save and synchronize. Any ideas on that?

Trying exporting project to SD card rather than synchronising. That solves the same problem for me. The only thing is that you then have to remember to re-set any footswitch settings if they’re different from the default set (push right hand two knobs down to make selections).

The foot switch settings are saved in the project on your SD card. If you open the project on your SD card with BBManager and save that project to your computer, the pedal settings are saved to the computer too. You should generate future projects from that master project - your pedal settings will get carried into all future projects.

This may seem like a i am a nube and I guess I am but I can’t figure out how to save the project so that I don’t lose my footswitch settings. Can someone give me a step by step. I am obviously not saving it correctly and over ride my footpedal every time which is very frustrating.

  • Update firmware to 1.8.5
  • Input your foot switch settings on pedal
  • Save Project in the BBM to your BBWorkspace
  • If you haven’t saved Project to your SD card yet, Save Project As to your SD card and when prompted, Sync Project to SD card