New: Blues Classics (with PBF)

Hello all!

Many of you have been asking for straight-ahead blues with a PBF so I thought I’d let you know that I just released a collection of classic blues grooves in PBF format!

There are 18 sessions total plus bonus material. It’s on sale now through Saturday at 11 PM CDT.

Blues Classics Sessions

050 Shook Me
092 Thrill
096 Big Leg
104 Reed Shuffle
110 Cold Shock
118 Moderate Shuffle
120 Crossroads
120 Swampy
122 Simple Shuffle
127 Cross Cut
128 Pride
12-8 Slow Blues 1
12-8 Slow Blues 2
130 Simple Shuffle
140 Flat Tire
148 Boogie
180 UpTempo Blues
230 Mojo

Each set has 12-bar loops with hat & ride, har & ride fills, intro fills and outro fills.
Bonus: cymbal swells and extra fills

  • Try us out for free! Here’s a free PBF with 10 sets, one from each Groove Monkee PBF-fortified pack - click HERE to download

Thanks again to all for the continued support!

I was listing to these yeaterday on your site. Very cool sounding beats. I plan on buying these later today.

Thanks to GrooveMonkees for the free downloads. I still have the ones I received about a year ago and still use them. Great Drumbeats. Easy to use and not much has to be corrected. They work well with the Beat Buddy.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

Thanks JS…Blues Classics and Jazz Buddy were developed in response to Beat Buddy user requests so…

Here’s a $10 coupon code for those who’d like both packs :BB2Pack10

And thanks fingerstyle…the Beat Buddy PBF and midi loop freebie should be 100% mapped to Beat Buddy kits. If not, please let me know.

To help you guys avoid remapping chores, I remapped the grooves last year.

If you have the gm (genral midi) freebie,those grooves will need an occasional adjustment so feel free to grab the latest Beat Buddy freebie that now includes a PBF along with other midi loops in various style.

:slight_smile: Beat Buddy Freebie Download

Thanks again to all for your continued support!

Thank you for the coupon thats very nice. I ordered both. Just received the links for download

Thank you JS! It looks like the system is backed up but I can send you your links.

Also, your permanent download area is at: Support->Legacy Accounts
If you enter your email address (used on the order) into the password recovery, you’ll get a temp password.

I’ll respond with the link via the ticket you opened…sorry for the delay and thanks again!

[FONT=Arial]thank you for the info . all is good. In fact I’m loving the Jump Swing beat in the Jazz buddy pack. Sounds very close to the Stray cats tune - Rock this town. I’m going to have to teach myself that tune now. thank you for your services. [/FONT]

Hey John, great song…it’s funny how beats come in and out of fashion.

To clarify, the coupon code is:


Sorry for any confusion over the colon above.

Thanks! I ordered the Blues classics and Blues Rock package. The code worked for that too. I won’t be able to download and try them until at least tomorrow some time… bummer.

Thank you John! Hope you enjoy the grooves.

Yes, the coupon code technically works for any order of 2 or more.

Rock on!

For those that emailed to say you missed the sale, I’ve put ALL packs with PBF files on sale until 2 pm CDT:

The $10 off any 2 packs coupon (BB2Pack10) is still active as well.