New Brushes drumset in Premium Library sound tinny

I saw in another post that there are brushes versions 1, 2 and 3. I believe that the brushes drumset in the premium libary is version 3. My old brushes from a previous library sound much more mellow not as tinny. How do I find older brushes drumsets to install in BBM

If you don’t get a reply from any users, you can try contacting Support, and asking if they can provide you the one of the older versions. (1.2 or 2.0). 2.1 may also have them IIRC.

Problem solved! Got the older BrushesV2.0 drm file from singularsound support. Simply delete the existing brushes drumset, then import the older drm file. The name “brushes” will stay the same.
Many thanks to Jay at singularsound! The country7 at 170 bpm sounds sooo much better. Perfect for Nancy Sinatra’s Boots. Thanks!

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