New file on SD Card

I have load “the most popular cover song vol 10” on my Mac and then drag and trop it onto my SD card. But when incerting back my sd card in my beatbuddy I can’t fine the songs
Should the imported file be saved at the root or some where else ? How that works exacly ?
Thanks for your answer

The pedal as a system requires the use of the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) to manage songs, beats, folders and drum sets. Please read the user guide for the system. Download, install and use the BBM software.

As Persist stated, you’ll need to use Beat Buddy Manager to install the file onto your Beat Buddy. I know that I had trouble with this at first, as the command is File>Import>Folder. You may wonder, where is the folder? The .pbf file that you downloaded IS THE FOLDER. Note that it is a .pbf, not a .pdf. Once your folder is loaded into Beat Buddy Manager on your Mac, you’ll need to then Save Project to SD card to have the files on the card, and be ready for use in your BB. Don’t get impatient during the Save Project to SD Card process. This will take a bit of time. When the Mac asks you if you want to select the project for future Synchronization, select yes. Then, after a few moments, you’ll be done, and can eject the SD card and put it in your pedal.