New Finger Style Kit with brushes!

A quieter, more mellow bass sound with the brushes kit. You can get it in the resources section.

been trying to dl kit from dropbox …
only getting this after 10+ crashes

Really? Crap. Let me look into it.

aash persist… any ideas?

Does it download the Questionmark thing?

Hi, Jim. It doesn’t download anything. I think you can edit the post and if you can, why not upload the file directly to Resources instead of linking it to a DropBox account? If the file is too large, you could zip it and then upload it.

Will do. Thanks

I reposted the Drum Kit. I believe it works fine now. Let me know if there are any problems.

Try it now rknrne. Sorry about the goof up.

dl’d …thanks Jim :wink:

How’s it work for ya? I can tweak it.

I think I’ve got it now …it’s Superbassg(1) on my bb mgr

I have so many duplicate drum kits now in there …yikes !
( there was standard w extras posted up a while back …
but only read as ‘standard’ in the drum set folder)
I now have 3 brushes w bass & a brush w bass set 2 .
You can tell I don’t look there much. :frowning:

I have duplicates too.You may need to rename it. I built off of an older version of Superbass.

I tried to rename a kit once … it wasn’t pretty …lol
I’ll give it a shot tomorrow … I heard them . (the drums) …
but , I had to go to work … looking fwd to using them on a few tunes.

How do you re-name a drum kit?

You can hover over the drum set name for a tool tip:

  • Click on BBM Drum Sets tab
  • Single-click any non-italicized set; change the name
  • If the name is italicized, double-click to open and then save it; the font style should change and then you can change it

Oh yeah, I figured that out as soon as I tried to do it. I assumed that since Rknrne had had troubles with it it would be more complicated than that. Thanks for the quick response anyways!