New Firmware 1.8.5

Does the 1.8 .5 work with the np standard kits with bass ? Someone gave me a different firmware so i could use these kits .

Give 1.8.5 a try. You can always roll forward if it doesn’t sound good.

I think the better sounds probably comes from the later betas, though.

Im currently using 1.9.7

I’d stick with 1.9.7

Im not getting any of the key’s , organ through that firmware

Have you downloaded and installed the drum kits with organ and piano?

Are you using both Beat Buddy outputs (left and right?) The organs are panned hard right, along with the bass. The drums are in the left. The “mono” output on the Beat Buddy does not sum its right and left sides.

No I was not will try that thanks

Just tried it sounds amazing thanks Braddah!


There’s a firmware version 1.9.7? Where can I get that? The latest version I can find on the forum is 1.8.5.

I would like to have me the FW1.9.7 please… I’m on FW1.9.6, not sure what the difference is, but would like to give it a try…

I have 1.97, not sure what was added, I see you can adjust the font size, what else was added not sure.
Here is a copy of it if anybody wants to update their BeatBuddy to 1.97