New Firmware Bug

Made firmware update to and when hitting pause it goes to beat 1 instead of keeping time…

Can you be a bit more specific about what you’re doing?

Which version of the firmware, please?

Latest version 3.2.1 I think. What I mean is that when you hit the pause button the pedal goes to beat 1 immediately intead pf keeping time in the background. I have it in chain with my RC 300 by midi a now it goes out of synch. Before this option worked as a mute. Version 3.6 was sended to me by email by the the crew and still doing the same…


Yes, that is the default behaviour. But I seem to remember a setting that mutes the Beat Buddy rather than pausing it. I suspect that the firmware update reset that behaviour to the default. You’ll have to go into the settings on your pedal and set it to the alternative behaviour, which you will have done before.

It’s mentioned on page 38 of the manual

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Tried to. But the option is gone. Can you please advise me on how to do it?

Ok. Will look on it tonight. I was into the extension pedal settings. Thanks!!!