New Firmware: Can We Fix This Please?

I see there is a new BB Manager – maybe this is already fixed, but…

I want my BeatBuddy to start when I step on it, not when I release. I change that on the pedal, but every time I update my sets on the SD card, I have to re-remind the pedal of that. And as of he last update, I now also have to re-remind he pedal that my outboard pedal (which is the original BB external pedal) is latching.

Can we please fix this so that I don’t have to retrain Waldo every time I update the sets?

Meanwhile, maybe the new software fixes that. If so, and in the immortal words of Gilda Radner…
…never mind!


UPDATE: I goofed, there is no new software. Still would like this fixed.


You can fix it yourself. You need to get the settings on the SD card correct, save that project to your computer, then generate future projects from that project. Your pedal settings will get carried along.

So, update the SD card from my PC (I have some new changes this morning), change the settings, and then use Open Project in BB Manager to open and save it? I will try that – thanks!

Nope, didn’t work.

When you save the project to the computer, do you link it for future synchronizations when prompted? It will prompt you at the end of the process of creating a project from the pedal. You need to click on ‘yes’ for that.

Configure the settings on your pedal as you wish, then follow the steps below.

Step 1: File > Open Project - select the drive containing the SD card
Step 2: Save to computer (it will prompt you). The saving process itself takes a couple of minutes.
Step 3: “Do you want to link…” message will show up at the end, and click ‘yes’ on that.

Follow those three steps and make any changes you’d like to the project. After you are done, synchronize the project: File > Synchronize Project (and select the SD card’s drive).

After synchronizing (not exporting), do the pedal’s settings continue to get changed?

Then you’re doing it wrong.

Am I, now? Are you sure it’s operator error? Because not everyone has this problem, and there seems to be a bit of inconsistency between pedals in terms of how they behave.

But maybe you’re right (clearly you believe so). Perhaps you’d like to share your fool-proof steps for me to follow?


I do link it, but the second half of your response may hold the key: I Export, not Sync. So, a question: When I sync, does that just copy the files and not the control code?

Secondary question: Is there a way to tell BB Manager about my physical configuration? Because it also doesn’t seem to know I have a two button external switch, and behaves as if I only have one (the accent - on the right-hand switch in the graphical interface). Because I edit a lot, having an accurate representation of my rig would really help in previewing the songs as I construct them.

Thanks – I’ll try the Sync!
(And thanks Rob, too!)


That worked. Which is good, because the newest version of the firmware also sets a default fill-start timing (can’t remember what they call it) to 100%. Which is both annoying and (for me) essentially unusable.

Thanks Rob!
(Less thanks to the BB guys who keep changing defaults I’ve bee working with for a couple of years now).