New firmware - Latching Footswitch now obsolete for some functions

Hey BB, great firmware update! However, I just discovered that you have changed the footswitch… How about a special discount for your old loyal customers to upgrade their footswitch to the new momentary model?

Just do this, pretty cheap and easy to do.

This is what I did as well and was quite easy. Don’t solder much and just used the wires already in the foot pedal.

Thanks for the suggestion, I wonder if anyone could suggest where I might pick these switches up in the UK?

I got mine from eBay - unfortunately I no longer have the details of the order, but they looked very similar to the pictures on

This should do the trick:

I asked about getting the pre-wired guts and putting them in my original issue BB switch and they said they don’t have the parts. They must all be in China.

I live in New Zealand, and these switches are not available here. I have priced them on e-bay and the cost of bringing two switches out here is in excess of $35.00(nz).There is only one on e-bay anyway. Hmm! could you send me two and I will replace them I am happy to pay the postage. :slight_smile: