New Firmware Update Coming?

Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone has seen or heard of a current firmware update that will allow more control of the drumsets in BB?
When I use the different genres in BB I don’t always stick with the (drumset) that is associated with that genre.
For example: I may choose a “Rock” genre, and want to use the “Rock 1” groove, HOWEVER the drumset sound that I may want to use is “Dance” for a particular song because that combination sounds more like the song I’m covering.

I was wondering if a firmware update has been crafted yet to enable one to do this using Onsong or some other external App or Device? I heard that this was in the works about a month or so ago, and I don’t want to miss it! I need it now so that I don’t have to keep bending down to change the drumset sound.

Thanks for your input.

Aaron Keith

Are you saying you can not change drumsets for any beat on your BB ?

Hi Aaron. The BB developers are working on the release version of the f/w and it should be ready “any time real soon now.” o_O Wish I could be more definitive as we are all anxiously waiting!

As far as controlling changes to the drum sets via midi, I defer to BB support folks.

Thanks guys for your quick responses…

JStrausss: Yes, I can change the drumsets, but I have to do them manually for now. I am now using an app called “Onsong” and it allows PC & CC changes, but the BB (at this time) doesn’t off the capability to change the drumsets via midi. It does allow change of the genres via midi from say Rock to Latin to R&B, but not the drumsets…yet.

Persist: Thank you for that update. I was wondering if it was out yet. I heard you guys were working on it, but I’ll just have to wait a little longer.

Thank you again guys for your help!!


ok I see what your saying now

When you say “manually” what do you mean?
I use onsong as well but I just have a setlist created in the manager software with all my songs prearranged some different kits and then I use the external footswitch to go through the list - I rarely bend down to change songs or kits.

Hello Psalm40,
Thanks for your response.

I am just starting to use Onsong, so I’m not as up to snuff with the app.
I am learning that creating a set list is a big part of getting things to run smoothly with Onsong.
I don’t usually use set lists, however if that is the key to discontinuing the manual changing of drumsets I’m all for it!

Let me make sure I’m understanding you correctly. You are saying that if I use the manager software, (downloadable), that I can prearrange my songs and also manipulate the genres as well as the drum kits? Because that’s my problem. As I had explained above, I don’t always use the same drum kit associated with the genre. Here’s my example…

Say I choose Rock as the genre, and I choose Rock 1 as the drum kit because the groove is what I’m looking for.
BUT…I don’t want that drum sound because it’s not close to the sound of the song. Instead I want to use the Dance drumset…so I choose Rock, Rock1, and I change the drumset to Dance. Are you saying that can all be done in the BB manager software and it will select and play exactly what I’ve commanded?

Yes, once you’ve created a setlist of songs just the way you want them, you can go through the list using the external foot switch.
I produced some tutorial videos on how to set this up a while ago using a much older version so it is a bit out of date, but the principal is the same. Have a look at.

Awesome!! Thanks Psalm40!! I appreciate it.

If I understand you correctly, you want to switch drumsets live via MIDI messages through OnSong, correct? This is still in the works, and it is definitely on our to-do list. I personally sent this request to our programming team.

In the mean time, you can preset the default drumset in the BBManager as described by @Psalm40 above, or you can set default drumsets/tempos per song on the BB itself by pressing an extended press on the appropriate knob with the correct selection selected as long as (Main Pedal > Default Drumset) and (Main Pedal > Default Tempo) are both enabled; although this second option would also require you to bend down, but you can still set everything ahead of time this way, so it might make things easier for you.