New Firmware?

I did not ask for the new version of firmware so I still have 1.8.5. I no longer see the thread concerning the update. The Long Train Running sng I downloaded does not work. Will there be instruction on how to use Midi editor and new features?

Hi, Scottymac. Does not work in the BBM or on the pedal? What does it not do, play? I think there are 2-3 versions in Resources.

It’s the newest one OPB in a zip file with the Mod rock bass kit (no sound) I do not now how to use the midi editor.
when I use the Ludwig w/bass kit it sounds weird, and has extra bells. is there a new firmware?

  • You should still be good with the 1.8.5 version. It appears that Support removed the newest firmware and software betas as they work on updating the firmware and software.
  • Once the new version is released, it should be accompanied by more complete instructions including the Midi Editor.
  • Let’s see if we can get Long Train Runnin’ working/sounding correctly in the BBM first. There are 2 reasons the song sounds weird:
    – the song was transcribed using the Mod Standard Pro Bass drum set (same as NP Standard Pro Bass) and to sound best (play all of the drum instruments in that kit—in this case, the congas) you will need that particular kit. Sorry, but the Ludwig and Rock 2 bass drum sets are either lacking those instruments or have the instrument notes in different locations and just won’t play the notes called for.
    – the “Mod” or “NP” in a drum set name means it has been updated to properly sound the bass notes so that they play to the proper duration. These updated kits make the bass notes sound crisp and are a great improvement :wink:
  • The takeaways? You will need to use an updated drum set with bass (NP or Mod) and the drum set that this song was built to use.
  • I’ve opened a Conversation with you so we can explore a couple of options.

Should have mentioned a caveat: DO NOT try to edit drum sets with bass using the BBM Midi Editor. The process of Apply(ing) any edits will mess up the note-offs to the point that the bass notes will no longer sound the way they were intended.

About the only thing the Midi Editor can do is to a) edit drum sets that do not have bass and b) check for Non-Supported notes and if this is the case, they should be corrected using a DAW.