New free/quantised mixed mode

If I want to record, I play and press the record when I think the recording should start. Then Aeros has to record and it should stop when I press stop. Then loop by the pre set measures. I couldn’t do it with the 3.0 firmware.

You have to wait for the beginning of the measure (apart from the very first track) for the recording to start which cuts off the very important notes before the measure if you want to preset the tempo.
I have no idea what is this feature used for, if you don’t want to record, why would you press the record button? To record later?

Hi there, I may need you to record a video showing what you mean, I am having trouble understanding the issue, and what is causing it.

Are you saying you want to start recording immediately while in quantized mode? In quantized mode, the actions will always take place at the next measure. If you want to add a recording that uses pick up notes, you can either overdub instead, so that you can start recording the notes before the measure as well.

Another option is to start overdubbing and then hit record, this will continue the overdub until the next measure then start the following track.

You could also start the recording of the 2nd track one measure before the 1st, this will only work if sync start is off. Keep in mind that the longest track in the song part automatically becomes the base track and the starting point of the loop, so if your second loop is longer, the last solution may not be ideal.

If you could record a video of your issue that would help me help you!

Hi Brennan,

I would like to explain how I am using loopers at the moment. I use a mute track and use only overdubbing. Kinda like you described. I do know the length of the recordings I want to do. But I want them to start immediately.

I had a live show yesterday with the AEROS looper and I would like to share my feedback as I will not be using it unfortunately. The positive side is that the looper is a very small device, good ideas went in the design. The support is one of the best I have ever seen. Really good! The downside after my experience: I cannot do a proper track with it. It is always noticeable where the loop starts and ends using the overdub. I was trying hard to make it work, but couldn’t. I could do absolutely perfect loop tailoring in Ableton and in my live loopers (3 Digitech Jamman Stereo). Live I jam and when I feel I have a nice groove, I record it. But this means that I cannot stop playing when the recording of the loop starts, and it should end in a way that sounds like I have continued playing. This is not achievable with AEROS.

The second problem is I had to realise that I need all my tracks accessible with one click: Record, Undo (or mute) and clear. This means I need for the 6 tracks 18 buttons. The track selection system (selecting a track that I deal with) is not good, because it is way too much jumping around. When you need to play and act on stage because you are performing, you don’t have the time to look at the looper but for max 1 second to see where to step. I’m using 3 tracks now, this is 3x3=9 buttons I’m using. And also you need to be able to mute more than one track at once, which with a sequential selection is not possible. So I need a midi controller with 18 buttons for the 6 tracks, which would be way too big. I was thinking using only 3 or 4 tracks and get a midi controller, which is again hard because they send CC messages with values of 127 (?) but AEROS have a special mapping that only one or two midi controllers can stand up to. Your AEROS+MIDI controller is about €1k, which makes it quite expensive btw.
So the second issue here is you have to do way too much stepping around, which you don’t have time on a performance. With AEROS I spent most of the time looking at the device instead of looking at the audience.

The third issue is because of the much stepping around I did mistakes, which with my setup meant that the channel is clogged, I cannot use it any more because I can only undo or a mute. This ate up my channels. I’m not separating songs, I have to have music played all the time.

Sorry for the long email, but I hope I could help. I will send the AEROS back to Thomann, but hopefully revisit the situation in a year, I might try it again then with your improvements, because as I said the product support and design is very top notch.
My suggestions: Fix the issue of being able to record a track without being able to notice the beginning. Just play a sine wave and until you can not record it without noticing the beginning and the end, you are not done. Better / flexible MIDI implementation. It is somehow puts out a low fq noise, around 100Hz. Maybe just mine(?). Do balanced outs, this is essential for pro applications. Make the user able to use as many tracks / parts as they set up (6 max is enough), and make it able to upload a backing track. Locking tracks are a good idea.

Keep doing what you do and you will have the best looper!


Hey there, I’m sorry that you had a bad experience, the biggest problem with overdubs right now is probably that they are on the release, we may need tweaking to the fade times once we solve that, but that is a minimal fix if necessary, this may be solved very soon. We are also working on fixes to the undo/redo logic which would mean you won’t clog your tracks.

Mutes in clusters would be best implemented with the MIDI Maestro. There’s no looper that can do this to my knowledge, so this is really just a limitation of loopers in general. There is no special mapping of the Aeros, it is not mapped yet! Once it is any controller could be used on it. As of now any controller that sends MIDI start/stop and/or beat clock can control the Aeros.

The other software features you’ve mentioned are on their way, some sooner than others.

I hadn’t heard of the hum noise from the Aeros from anyone yet, neither have I heard it, we’ll keep an eye out.

We’re sad to see you go, but thank you for your notes and the commitment you have had to the product and its future excellence.

We hope you’ll come back around one day soon :slight_smile:

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Thank you Brennan, I will definitely revisit AEROS in the future. Please, please keep on the brilliant work on it!!! Oh, yes, one more thing. There is the TC Ditto Jam, that can follow drummers. At the moment it does it quite weak, but if you could embed a great beat follow device in Aeros, it would be one of the best thing happened to live music in this century. Even if you could make a separate device that gives a midi clock from the beat it listens to (and does it very quickly and accurately). All the best!

If in the future you need a product tester, I’m happy to help for free, you should have my contact email. :wink: