New guy, dumb question

Hello. I have all the pieces (Aeros, BB, and the MIDI Maestro).

Watched some videos, did some homework, and so far very happy.

But, as a new guy, I’ll tell ya… no where did I clearly see about the setting to get a measure or two as a count in. Good grief, that sure helped. Saw Steve Sine on YouTube and just happened to see him doing it…the end.

Here is my question now:

I am very new, and just using 2x2.
I kick on the BB, the count in starts, and I’m off and running. Awesome. Record a simple little rhythm, 8 measures, and get out. Great. Love it.

Then…. When I go to record on the second track I hit the button a moment before the loop of track 1 starts over, but it does not wait to record when that measure comes along. Instead, it records right when I click. I don’t want that ! I’m not that precise! I want the feature where I click early in the measure ahead, and it kicks in recording right on time with the structured 4/4 of track one.

Can someone help me ?

Thanks folks.

I’m thinking in your Aeros global settings, you need to specify “record end of loop” rather than “record immediately” or “record end of measure”. (Because I’m not in front of my Aeros,I can’t remember the exact wording)

Check your settings

Start & length

Will do ! Thank you. I think “record end of measure” sounds like what I want.

I’m not sure but if you’re in Free Form (no quantize) it will end up being end of loop.

Hey there, thanks for the question!

Just go to the Song settings and set the song to have Sync Start and Length on, the song must be empty or new to be set. Once a song is recorded, this setting is not allowed to be changed.

Hi folks. Thanks for the help. That was what I needed. Seems to work great now. I like being able to click in/out anywhere in the measure and not have to time it just right. Man, that’s awesome. Thanks again.


Our pleasure!