New laptop - need to reinstall BBManager

Hi. My laptop died and I had to get a new laptop (Win11). So I plug my BB into my new laptop and nothing is happening. I see no .exe file to install. Help???

You can download BB Manager from BeatBuddy Manager Software 1.64 (Win/Mac)

(I just released an alternative today that you might want to check out, The missing editor for your BeatBuddy 🥁 BBFF)

how can I add a picture of what I am seeing? Can I attach a file from my PC? or does it need a url?

I already downloaded that pdf file. I made backups but my new laptop will not recognize my external hard drive ARGH

should I just download a new package to the SD card?

You can just drag a screenshot into the message box you type in here.

Are you needing to install BeatBuddy manager, or install the content to an SD card.
You shouldn’t need to do anything to your SD card if you’ve changed computer.

I need to install BBManager on my new computer. My project is referenced (Anne) but no executable file to install…? What am I missing?

Thanks for the drag and drop hint!!!

Hey there,

@BlueSun18 please write to at your earliest convenience and they will be happy to offer one on one support for you

Thank you :slight_smile: