New MacBook problems

Hi guys, any Mac and people who can help at all. My MacBook 2017 died last week so I’ve bought a new M2 MacBook running Sonoma 14.0.

I’m still using the original BBM 1.6.4. I do have the 1.7beta, but it has a few other issues so I can’t rely on it.

One problem I have with 1.6 on this new system is I can’t monitor it through headphones, it keeps playing though the speakers and - even worse - it belts out at full volume and won’t respond to the volume control at all.

I often write my rhythms and fills sitting on the sofa next to my wife, while she watches TV, so obviously this is rather unpopular!

Annoyingly a restart of the Mac seemed to sort this out, so I deleted this note… but now it’s doing it again.

Any help greatly appreciated :blush:

Just DM’d you. Please check your forum inbox and reply there.


It happens in my Macbook too -currently on Ventura- but it was happening before Ventura too.

This is what I concluded:
The BB Manager will use the system’s output device it finds when it starts and will ignore the changes you make to it, say choosing headphones, afterwards.
So, you need to select the output audio device of your Mac, say, headphones in this case, prior to starting the BB manager. The “quickest” way to fix the issue if you’ve forgotten to do the above it’s to close and restart the BBM and this time will -again- pick up the systems setting, i.e. headphones.

I hope this works for you too.


Wow, quick test… that works brilliantly - thanks very much I’ll see how that goes!

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