New member- Drums with bass

Hi guys, I just got my Beatbuddy. I’m trying to figure out the manager software with some user-submitted songs. Most of the songs say to use " Standard Pro with Bass" Kit. I’ve searched the forums to find out how to get it and it is literally a rabbit hole of guys pasting links and saying “I’ll pm you”.

Is there some sort of cult initiation ritual I need to perform to obtain this? Can somebody please direct me to this so I can enjoy my new gadget? If I have to purchase something I will, but I don’t see it available on the website. Thanks, -ALAN

Conversation started. And yes, it’s a cult initiation thing.

Thank you so much!

hahah welcome Alan.
There are free drum kits that others have created and you can download from the resources area and there are PAID ones (the ones labeled PRO) that you have to buy from the Singular Sound store.
Many of the user created .sng song files usually have at least 2 kits you can play/use to make it work and usually the 1st one listed is the paid pro one and there is usually at least 1 free kit you can use as well in the other versions just load the free ones for now to get a feel of the pedal and what is possible and have some fun with it until you feel the stock/free kits are holding you back or you want a certain sounds. most of the free kits can cover 95%-100% of your needs usually.
be sure to watch all the videos but enjoy the pedal for what you can do without even using the manager, just for practicing basic beats.
You only need the manager to add new stuff or a specific “song” that isn’t just a beat with random fills/transitions.

I am applying for the initiation rites as well :slight_smile: Any chance of connecting up with NP Standard Pro Bass and NP Standard Bass Piano?


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No standard bass piano should be available in Resources. I believe that is one of Garry A’s kits. Instructions for getting standard Pro bass aRE BEING sent via Conversation.

Got it - I sorted that one, and look forward to the other via convo - thanks!

Looking to join the cult as well, please…!

Would love access the the Bass Kits. Please PM me…

i would like to join the cult too, i’m searching for the NP Standard Pro Bass

I would love to engage in the cult initiation as well please

Message sent.



How’s That?

I fixed that literally just now. Minimum character count is just 1 character now. :slight_smile:



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Phil, can you send it to me too?

Kind regards,


New BeatBuddy cult applicant humbly submitting himself for the initiation rites.
(And the drum and bass kits)

Hi Phil, I am about to buy the STANDARD PRO drum set but I want to get the ‘with Bass’ version as well. I have read that I am supposed to message you but I can’t find a way to start a conversation with you. Can you help me as well please?

Well let me join the cult, I would like these kits as well please!!! :slight_smile:

Could I join as well please. would greatly appreciate this kit. Thank you. Just got my BB