New midi command request to stop/start aeros (a.k.a Mute Pause)

Please provide a midi command that can be sent to the Aeros which will stop/start play on Aeros while keeping the BeatBuddy playing, when the Aeros is configured as the midi master.

The intended operation is to be able to stop and start Aeros loops while keeping the BeatBuddy playing. I understand that the mute all midi command can be used, but muting is not favorable for all scenarios while switching between live play, recorded tracks and different song parts.

We will be implementing a command to do this, calling it mute pause. It will be possible to do this from the slide out or via MIDI CC38 value 110

We created this command to allow the mute to always be at the end of the longest loop of the current song part and to mute all tracks at the same place regardless of their length

We understand it may be better in some cases not to use mute but there are always limitations to devices, we may consider more work into this if it proves popular to users to delve further.

Unfortunately, the Aeros cannot be stopped without sending the stop command, although you could technically turn it off, bringing the Aeros back in would not work so well since it is master.

Mute is the mechanism intended for this kind of situation, and mute pause offers the ability to sync a mute even with uneven tracks

Thanks for the request!

Although it is not exactly what you requested, this is #in-dev-timeline

Yes. The syncing of all tracks in a song part when the mute/pause command is invoked is what is missing. This new feature will make it easier to switch between live play and a recorded loop. No need to “stop” the Aeros with this new function! Can you give a time estimate when the CC38 - 10 will be available? Thank you.

Soon! It is planned for the next update after 5.0.x, 5.1.x

Wow! You guys continue to make progress and improve! Thank you.

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