New Problem After Firmware Update

This morning I downloaded the update to the Firmware (1.8.5) and now have an issue with the footswitch. The 2nd switch is set to advance to the next song but since the update, when I hit the switch, the beatbuddy exits to the folders instead of advancing to the next song. How can I fix this???

You may have the latching switch… I remember reading that the original latching switch may not work properly with the new features… you figure a latching switch would be the same as holding down a momentary switch…

If that is the case…our switch pedals wont work…the ones purchased with the beat buddy…what do we do? spend more money? have a pedal that wont work with the functions we need?

For anybody who has the Singular Sound latching footswiches, we are offering trade-ins for a $25 discount on a momentary footswitch. Please email for instructions on returning your latching footswitch for this trade-in.

OK, I sent an e-mail as instructed above two days ago and have yet to hear back. Has anyone else tried?

My first question is, do you have latching footswitches (push on, push off) or do you have momentary switches like I do? I had the same problem with the momentary switches and I solved the problem by deleting the new download and then reloading it again. That solved my problem not saying that yours is the same. If you do have the latching switches (noticeable by a click) then you have no alternative but to replace them with momentary switches if you are handy with a soldering iron or rely upon the company to replace them for you at a $25 exchange charge.
Hope this helps.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

i have a problem with firmware 1.4.1. after the installation i cannot load the information in to beat buddy manager have i made an error somewhere

Hi robert. You might want to try again using firmware version 1.8.5 making sure that you do not disconnect power or remove the SD card while the firmware is updating the pedal.

How far along in the process of setting up your BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) are you? Did you get the Project files installed on your SD card and then in the BBM?

  • if the support files are on the SD card, import the Project from the SD card using BBM;
  • if you somehow deleted the support files from your SD card, use BBM to File > Save Project As . . . to your SD card;
  • if you have not yet downloaded your support files, you can do so from or if you already have but have not yet installed, then it’s time to install

Let us know how it goes.

Well, I thought I had it fixed when I reloaded the Firmware update. The External Switches worked OK for awhile until I updated the Beat Buddy with some new songs. Now, same as before, the external pedal (Momentary Pedals) do not work properly. The right pedal I have set for advancing to the next song but it keeps switching back to the file name. Pressing the pedal with just one click takes it into the song list from the file list. The next quick pedal push takes it back out to the file list. Pushing it quickly again takes it back in to the song list. Pushing it quickly and releasing quickly takes it back out to the file. I have tried different ways to download the new update into the Beat Buddy including reformattin the SD card which doesn’t work either. Again, I have Momentary Switches in the External Footswitch so that’s not the problem. I can only say that I think there is some kind of Glitch in the firmware that’s causing this. I will download the update again and probably again til I can get it to work properly. I would appreciate any help I can get at this point.
Thanks again, Fingerstylepicker.

So the remote foot switch is not retaining the settings? Sounds like they’re reverting to the factory default settings. Other users have been reporting problems but they don’t seem to be as many as before version 1.8.5 of the firmware.

I just double-checked my remote foot switch–thought it was keeping the settings after using BeatBuddy to Synchronize my Project to my SD card. Apparently not, though.

This may have more to do with a firmware bug. Not sure there’s much value in trying to install and reinstall the firmware, fingerstylepicker. You can adjust your remote foot switch settings again and see if that helps.

rob22315 posted this not too long ago and it might help you with retention of settings:

I have this exact same problem…Momentary switches on the foot pedal but when I set their action the forward setting for the songs is retained but the backward setting on switch 2 reverts to taking me back to the folder. This cannot be a problem with the settings being saved to the SD card and overwritten when you sync with the computer because one switch retains the new setting but the other does not! It surely must be an issue with the commands being different for the two switches which would be a firmware problem. Please sort as it is very frustrating.

Please update to firmware 1.8.5 if you have not done so already. You’ve probably already done this as well but if not, reset your pedal settings to default, run foot switch detector and try setting up your foot switch settings again. @BeatBuddy Support, FYI

I have this daily ritual also … ;(
bend over …click into footswitch, adjust 2nd pedal as outro … go to main pedal settings …cue fill to 50% …release time to 50ms
I plug in pedal to BBmgr. saved as …todays date, … sync it …
and end up redoing the whole thing again ;( (groundhog day)
I now have about 20 file settings on my sd …& want to delete them all .

Can I delete all previous entries w/out consequence ?

Yes, you can.