New Product Announcement

Hey All,

Well, I got it done ON TIME! The Little Black Drum Machine for Beat Buddy, or LBDM 4BB is available for purchase. This is a BB content package with 54 thirteen piece drum kits, 75 sets of song grooves, over 230 multi-sampled drums with over 2500 wav files, and over 750 midi files. It’s a whole bunch of content. The web site above has the purchase information and 5 demos of the grooves and kits.

While this started as a way to get the venerable Alesis SR-16 onto a Beat Buddy, it grew into more than that. Yes, 50 of the grooves use the Alesis grooves as their roots, but I added intros and outros and transitions. I edited fills. I transcribed parts. Parts were requantized when needed. Everything was adjusted to work with both Beat Buddy and Alesis tom mapping. And, very importantly, I added songs that were not part of the SR-16 which were selected to fill needs that Beat Buddy users have indicated were lacking in the original BB grooves - Latin grooves for Salsa, Bachata and Cumbia; Reggae Rock; House and Trance grooves; a Bo Diddley beat; new simpler slow ballad and shuffle grooves and more. In all, twenty-five new grooves types, were added.

And almost as a bonus, but certainly not as an afterthought, I added what I am calling drum kit rooms - a simple groove that lets you audition kick drums, snares and other pieces that were not included in the 54 kits that are part of the LBDM 4BB.

At the listed price on the website, it’s already a bargain at less than $1 per kit, but for all my compadres here on the Beat Buddy Forum, I have a way for you to get the whole package for $10 less. Just start a conversation with me using the Forum Conversation feature, or send me an e-mail at

And, now that I have finished this two-month undertaking, I can get back to my usual process of creating songs for the Resources section!