New Samples

I had previously written: I wish you could make the drum samples available (discoverable) so we could mix and match components of drums sets. For example if you wanted to use the snare from a Rock set to replace the snare in the Standard set or cymbals or kick drum from one set to another. You can only delete samples or replace them with new ones found outside of Beat Buddy from outside sources which usually only come as a single sample instead of the nice multi sample that take advantage of the algorithms. Also, if the samples were able to be located we could tune them (change the pitch) of toms or cymbals or add reverb and other effects to create a completely different sounding set to our custom liking.
Since then I have download all of the new drums and beats along with a great library of beats from Grove Monkey. Still what is missing is the flexibility to create drums sets the way you want to hear them. The cymbals in the BB seem to be sampled with wooden tips rather than nylon tips which give a much duller sound. For some songs I’d like the cymbals to be cleaner, brighter and not so dark sounding. This had me downloading cymbals from various sample sites. Please try to add to your library new cymbal sounds and choices and a variety of snare drums. I don’t mind paying for them.

This is one great suggestion @ttsing4u.
I have a point on my todo list to make drum wave sounds much more available.

No ETA as usual, though :frowning:

Awesome. Thank you. I don’t know who creates the drum sets you post in the new sound library but pass along my request for more samples please. You could market them as individual drums like snares, cymbals etc. for people who like the basic kits they have with exception of the cymbals or crash cymbals or snare drum, kick drum etc. They could be sold individually. Nylon tip (brighter) cymbals for example.