New SD Card

Is there a way I can use different SD cards on the BB? I wanted to keep the original SD card it came with alone and wanted to use a different card with all the songs and other customized stuff. I tried just to copy the original SD card on to a new card then added songs and drumbeats but the BB wouldn’t turn on. Just a blank screen. Is there a step i’m missing? Thanks, Boz

Yes, the BB will work with just about any decent quality SD card.

I use 2 SD 32 gig cards, I’ve been using them since day one
… one for work, the other for edits at home… alternating on what needs I have .

I’ve loaded all the available drum kits & sng’s posted on them …there’s still lots of room to mess around .
takes a little longer to load, which isn’t really an issue . :wink:

You need to install the f/w on the new card.

Does it not appear to power on with the old card?

Yes , it appears like it does not turn on.

So load the FW along with the files from the original SD Card should work?

[]Make sure the card is not locked
]Insert in computer SD slot reader
[]Make sure there are no files on card; if there are, erase
]Drag the 5 f/w file to the top level of the SD card
[]Use BBM File>Export>Project to SD card
]Eject from computer
[]With power off to pedal, insert card in pedal and power up
]Set pedal and remote foot switch settings

Thank you…!!!

Yes, thanks!!