New Sng file onto BB

OK Finally Fired up the BB and want to get a sng file onto it from a forum post. I"m trying to watch all the videos etc. but I’m just not getting it. do I connect BB powered up with SD card in it with USB Cable, do I just connect SD card to my PC to download it.??? Sorry I’m just losing my patience a bit.

All content management is done through Beat Buddy Manager. Open Beat Buddy Manager. Find a folder where you want to put the song, or crests a new folder in BBM. Then go to File>Import>Song. That gets the song into a folder in BBM. Then File>synchronize, if available, or File>export project to SD card. That gets the song into your card so you can use it in the BB.

So Phil should I have the BB connected via USB to my PC ??

It’s best to just have the SD in a reader or an SD slot.

Awesome Phil Thanks !