New songs only playing 1st part then never ending

So I purchased this today, got latest version of beat manager, imported new kit, no problem. So I purchased Vol 1 cover songs, imported it following the video tutorial, during import got lots of error messages saying "x"file doesn’t exist, I just clicked through those. The songs, folder etc are on my beat buddy, but when I play them they only play the 1st part, never change and never end … Please help

so just noticed, when I play the song in BB Manager it does the same thing … I re imported the song pbf. once again, LOTS of error messages, but the songs only play, intro then part 1 , no change , no stopping until I double click the pedal then the ending plays. … quite useless really .

Ok so I am an idiot … you still have to manually transition between sections … I kind of expected them to just play through… My bad …Sorry :slight_smile:

Red those songs for download in the beatbuddy website have alot of transitions and fills in them and require alot of button pushing. Alot of the user created songs located in resources don’t require so many transitions and many are one press but you will need beatbuddy manager beta 1.6 to import them. The songs you have purchased you can also export midi files to a midi editor or DAW and combine them to make a song if you have the midi editing skills.

Welcome to the learning curve that is the Beat Buddy

A learning curve that is well worth it. I have some things down pretty good. Others…well… I am pure newb. That’s when I check all of the tutorials and ask smart guys like Guitar Stu for help. This forum is fantastic. Be patient and enjoy the journey.

I have the two button footswitch and I just loaded a new patch of songs and now none of my songs will transition to the next part. I’ve tried unplugging the footswitch and using the main pedal and nothing will work. I’ve removed the songs and added them back and it still does not work. It also stopped my original patch of songs that I downloaded over a month ago to stop working. Anyone had this happen and if so how did you correct it? Thanks for your help!

Just to let everyone know, after I typed my question above I went back and tried it and it worked. Maybe it took a few extra minutes to load once I unhooked it from my pc? Not sure but it’s working!

Sort of like when the fish aren’t biting, you hold your mouth differently, and the fish start to bite :wink:

FYI, the error message in the screenshot will be gone in the upcoming version of the BBManager, currently in beta. Just click through it until it goes away every time you synchronize.