New Superbass drum kit, WITH SURPRISE!

Tell me what you think, guys!

To test the new kit, try these attached songs.

test 2 loaded , but, not test 1 …

I’m running a hacked advance version of bb manager, so it might be that… test 1 was a loop of Walk Dont Run, but the guitar part was off a bit. The way the guitar strum samples are, you have to move the note before the beat. If you think about it, the “beat” of the guitar strum is usually at the middle of the strum, or so, and definitely not the very beginning. Took me a while to get the Night Moves guitar to seem in time.

I’m getting a 404… link not found trying to access superdrum kit .

It won’t let me edit the resource… I posted a new download link in the description part.

Hi Aashideacon, first, I am a complete newbie! Therefore, please forgive my ignorance. I have downloaded a few of your beats from the forum (Thank you very much!). Where do I download the “SuperBassG.drm” to (file location)? Thank you again and please forgive the intrusion. Have a wonderful day!

Download it anywhere, then in the BBManager do File->Import->Drumkit
Once you do that, in the Project explorer (Where you see lists of songs, or drum sets) click on Drum Sets, and make sure there is a check mark next to the newly imported kit!

Thank you!