New to Aeros and some input needed

Hi all I am new to the Aeros/Beat Budddy looper system and leaning as much as possible but with some caution in the setting up area.
I have a basic diagram of what I am using at home with the Aeros. I do hope that the diagram is somewhat understandable. This is what I have for set up and would like to add a secound speaker for stereo playback (green) and keep the guitar amp dedicated just to the guitar playback. As I have it now it seems as I am getting a lot of static noise from my KB3 amp when all is turned on. I also notice that when I touch the Aeros and the BB case the static sound diminishes slightly from my body ground. It is quite annoying as we all know and I can expect some noise but this is a little more than I expected.
I am in the process today in checking each area of the setup to see if I can eliminate the problem. So I look forward to seeing if this Aeros is worth the time and worth keeping.
If you see anything or can suggest a better way to setup the Aeros/BB I would be totally obliged to you.
I know every persons system is different in some way but I not able to find an area on this forum were one can go to see drawings or diagrams of most every way possible to hook up the Aeros, would be nice.
Anyway look forward to hearing from you guys and seeing what this Aeros can do.

KB3 has 3 channels, 1 with mic , it has headphones out it should be considered mixer, PA and practice amp. looks like a passive 8 ohm PA cab is needed for green outlined speaker.

the Peavy 212 chorus could be replaced by some sort of amp-cab simulator/multifx and/or your FX go to it. if using PV and you use the onboard chorus you got decisions. try preamp out mix 2. then go to left channel of the looper and then to channel 1 of KB3. left channel of BB to channel 2 of KB3. not sure how channel 4 mon(probably an output for a powered monitor). works on kb3 if its an input it could be the right channel of BB or aeros if needed. channel 3 should be a mic. if you’re not singing , start. nobody emphasized how important it was to me… you can connect a mixer to the keyboard Amp or looper to expand inputs.

looking at the block diagram it sure looks like reverb is on the dry out and mix. and chorus is in the mix 2. i wonder if the PV212 amp could be part of your PA with “power amp in” stereo capability.

Thank you for your input. The KB3 does have 3 inputs and one monitor jack. After reading your information it dawned on me that the input 3 is for a mic and that is usually a more sensitive input due to mic have a low power output so I went to the number 1 input that only has 3 controls - Low and High adjustment plus a vol. I was able to set the BB at a lower vol and set the KB3 vol on #1 to as high as it would go as it has a low output on the #1-2 KB3 inputs, this may of been the problem solved as the loud static is gone and the BB is now the full controller of the output volume from the drum sets. So #3 was not a good choice to use as a monitor input on the KB3.
I still am wanting to set it to stereo were the Peavey is just to play the instrument on without any playback from the looper, just using the KB3 and another source for playback.

Thanks for the guidance on this.