New to Aeros/BB Setup needed?

I have been out of the Looper playing for a few years and just got back into it with the BB and Aeros. I have used the Boss looper equipment mostly so now I need to be refreshed.
I am showing a diagram to give an idea of the setup I have and would like to use, I know this is pretty basic to most but as said I need a refresher on the setup.
I want mainly to use the Aeros in Stereo out to two Amps as I have no PA system, while keeping the guitar amp as a stand alone for my playback with out having the headroom of the amp packed with what is out on the BB and Areos. Is this possible? If so can I get what I need to do by the numbers as from the BB to ?
Mainly I do not want to damage the Aeros with a incorrect setup.


The end of your effects chain, Number 7. Is that a stereo output that you plug into the left and right inputs on the back of the 212? Or is it a mono output that you plug into the input on the front of the 212?

… And, do you use the 212 for anything other than amplification (stereo chorus, reverb, etc.)?

This is really going to come down to preference on your part. You have options.

I would stereo the entire setup (out of the BeatBuddy to all amplification, not just the 15’s).

As of now the end of the effects chain is going directly to the L (mono) input on the back of the Aeros, then from that it goes from the Aeros L (mono) out to the front of the 212.
Yes we do use the 212s onboard stereo chorus and reverb, no effect for that in the effects chain.
We are in the works in possibly acquiring a 5-8 channel mixer thinking that we could clean up most of the sound.
We are not wizards with this type of thing but we are trying out best. I do appreciate your help and guidance. Would like to go o all stereo just not sure. Seems as there are many topics on this web site but no real topics on how to cable for us non knowledge folks.

Well, you can pick up a brand new stereo chorus pedal from Sweetwater for $29 here. You can also pick up a stereo reverb pedal for $45 from the same place.

Here is a used stereo mixer for $100 and $10 shipping from Sweetwater used gear.

I hate to tell you to purchase new gear here, and there may be some sort of stereo splitter option for less money, but I think you’ll be a lot happier going into the left and right inputs on the back of the 212 with the end of your signal chain (BeatBuddy), and then to the 15’s from the left and right outputs on the back of that 212.

You can actually do this now, but this method will lose your chorus and reverb because those inputs on the 212 are straight to amplification.

We found a mixer just like the one you show locally for $60. I can also find the other pedals with no problem but what your telling me I guess is the 212 is not the best amp to be using due to the onboard items that need bypassing. It also has no effects loop on the back as most new style amps have.
We would be happy to use the L/R inputs but honestly we have no clue on how to set it up the way you mentioned. If possible would you be able to diagram something for us to track with. We have spent the last few days tiring different methods with no success.
Regardless we appreciate your help with the information…

We “my Dad and I” are trying to figure out your proposed solution to the cable routing for best results.
Both our concerns is not to damage the Aeros system as it took me a year to save and buy.
At the BB routing what do we need to do - is it in the L/R and out the L/R of the BB to the back of the amp then to the 15" power amps?

Your note:
going into the left and right inputs on the back of the 212 with the end of your signal chain (BeatBuddy), and then to the 15’s from the left and right outputs on the back of that 212.
For clarity this is what I have as of now.
I looked up some information on amps that do not have an FX loop on the back and found that Power amp IN and Preamp OUT work the same, so I learned something last night.
I have been practicing the guitar now for two years so a lot of this tech stuff is new to me and my Dad.

b0n3 haven’t herd back from you on the cable routing but we would like to give it a try.
As you see I do not have a what is call a FX loop but I can still use what I have it as such.
Instrument - p-chain - FX in/FX out - Beatbuddy - speakers.
Correct me if this is wrong.