Hi, brand new to BB but using it as a solo act.

I have some studio tracks that I want to add as backing tracks on BB - is it possible to add my WAV backing tracks onto BB and if so please please please can you explain to a technophobe how one would do this.


You will need to have a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) of some sort. I am on a Mac and use Logic, but any decent DAW should suffice. Feel free to ask questions. (Just don’t ask me for a video.)

Thanks Phil.

So I have logic so I download the backing track onto logic and save as???

thanks again

The backing track, assuming it is a wav file, is going to be put into the BB drum kit as the “drum sample” for the kick drum at 36, if you follow my example.

In Logic, you are going to add the wav file to a blank audio track. The ONLY reason you are doing this is to get it’s length. Then, on a separate software instrument (midi) track, your are going to create a long midi note at C1 (midi 36), which will be as long as the audio track. This software instrument track then gets exported as a midi file. (select just that track, then File>Export>Selection as Midi File.)

Then you create the BB Song. Add the midi file to the song as the intro. Select the dedicated drum kit that you created in step 1. Triggering that single midi note, when you press the pedal to play the song on the BB, will play the backing track.

One additional note - I have had issues with Logic adding meta-tags to wav files created in Logic. These meta-tags somehow conflict with BB manager and cause the wav file to be unplayable. I use a tag stripper program to remove the tags before placing the wav file in the drum kit. If your wav file was not created in Logic, this should not present a problem. But, if it does, the program I use is Switch from NCH Software. I simply add the wav file to Switch and then save it as a wav file once more. Verify that the file is set to save as at 16bit, 44.1khz wav.

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Nearly getting there - thanks for patience.
So I have saved the drum kit and thats in my drum sets.
I have created a blank midi file for the intro.

Its asking me for a main drum part - how do I put a bank one in?

Download any of the existing OPB files. In the song, there will be a part called Null or Blank. Copy that. You can CTRL click or right click on it to export it as a midi file. Then place that file in your main loop.

Oh, and I made an error above. Midi 36 is actually C1 not C3. I have made a correction to the post.