New to BeatBuddy

hi. I’m just about to purchase a BeatBuddy and foot switch but I’m not sure which leads I will need and where to “plug in” the Buddy. Do I use an amp or computer or ???

Basically what do I need to get started please??


For listening and adding songs i plug into the headphone jack from the BeatBuddy to my computer. From there when i play out i go through the pa system.

You can find the answers to some of your questions in the BeatBuddy user manual

If your computer has an SD slot reader, you won’t need a USB cable.

Thanks, but I’m talking more about how I use the Buddy to start with. For example, does it plug straight into my guitar amp with a jack cable or do I need something else? I’ll be ok downloading the firmware etc just not sure how I get it to make sound!?

Guitar cable is fine into your amp or better plug it into a PA system.

Thank you. I’ve just downloaded the user manual, prob should have done that first haha

I just got my unit today and I have to admit, it’s a fantastic tool and a bit overwhelming at the same time. The manual and forums are going to be quite helpful for me, I can tell you that…