New to BeatBuddy

Just got my BeatBuddy (still learning what it can do) and I am new bass player, hoping this will help me with my timing
Mainly play Blues
Does anyone have any great drum beats for Blues

Welcome to the Forum. Search in the Resources section using song titles. There are plenty of Blues tunes on here. Also, Groove Monkee has a couple excellent Blues packages that come with grooves formatted for Beat Buddy.

Thanks, will check it out.
How do I know which files or beats are for BeatBuddy

if it has a .sng file suffix then it’s most probably BB. Most reputable sites will tell you which beats are for BB - check out
try importing the attached which I use for practice and for live performance. There are lots of good Blues beats that come with the BB, but many of them are too “busy” for me.

Thanks… Everyone on here is very helpful, that’s for sure
Guess I need to learn how to use BeatBuddy manager now

BBM is vital to using BB and worth persevering with. For what it is worth, I leave the SD card in the BB now and plug the USB cable into the BB to update beats. All the new beats you create will stay in BBM, so if you wipe the SD card it is not hard to re-build it. It is also useful to back up your personalised set-up elsewhere on your hard drive or cloud storage. Any questions, just post them here, someone will usually pick them up in a few hours. I found this forum invaluable when I started out with BB.

Welcome. Yes lots of learn. there are a BUNCH of great folks here to help. Im also new (1 month now w/ BB). Yes the BB Manager is essential to get the most from your new "toy (Uhmmm tool) :). Enjoy it. yes it should make practicing more fun